July 29, 2014

Turn around Tuesday after the grain had some short covering yesterday.  The thought process grains could be higher today when we went home last night as ratings on both corn and soybeans dropped thus giving the bulls some more news to go on.  It woud seem that is not the case this morning as we see red numbers on both corn and the soybeans.  The weather seems to be non threating yet at this point and time as the pollination period raps up in most areas.  We will begin talking about the weather and how will that help or hinder corn developement and we will start the process of talking about early frost and what will that do to crop potential.  It would seem way to early to talk about that since it would seem summer just got here and already we talk about it being done.  There seems to be little new news as we go forward.  I will be out of the office until next week Wednesday so thus no updates until then.  So have a great day!

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